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During this 75-minute planning session, your advisor will conduct an in-depth personal interview with the student and/or the parent(s). Within one week, you will receive a personalized strategic plan that makes specific recommendations regarding high school course selection, extracurricular activities, standardized testing pathways, summer programs, as well as a timeline that highlights the steps your child can take, each school year, to achieve the stated goals.


The Comprehensive College Advising Program is for families who want assistance through every step of the college application process.  Your personal educational advisor will work with you through the end of senior year.  Services range from educating the family on the college process, to help crafting an appropriate college list, interview preparation, application and essay support and managing all of the details along the way.  This service takes the pressure off of the family unit.


There are over 4000 colleges and universities in the United States alone! For families who feel overwhelmed by all of the options, they can meet with a counselor who will generate a list of colleges (15-20 schools) that will be customized to meet the student’s interests and needs. During the 1-2 hour meeting, the counselor will analyze transcripts, standardized test scores, student strengths, weaknesses, interests and extracurricular activities. Then, within one week of the meeting, the counselor will provide the family with an appropriate list of schools that includes safety, target and reach options. When developing the college list, the counselor will incorporate the family's vision.

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