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Welcome! Whether you are applying to elite colleges and universities or looking for post-secondary options to accommodate special needs, we will guide you through all phases of the college admissions process.


Admission Sense was created with a holistic counseling approach in mind. While there are many college consultants who can help match students to appropriate schools and who have expertise with regard to the application process, we feel it is essential to utilize experts who are also clinicians licensed in the field of school counseling. Since there are many layers to college admissions, we understand there is an emotional component attached to the process. Experienced school counselors have extensive knowledge about the ever-changing college application process, and they are trained to provide counseling for adolescents.


Throughout the high school period, kids are scrambling to identify their style: clothing, friends, music, political views, and their social styles. As kids are transitioning through their high school years, they are also struggling to prove themselves to their parents. They want independence and trust, yet they make all sorts of decisions that worry parents more than ever. For many families, this period is defined by friction.


To further complicate matters, although teenagers want to begin the separation process from their parents, they also need guidance from the adults in their lives. For some students, it is the first time they are being asked to make a major life decision. It may be the first time they are facing the possibility of rejection. Every teenager has a concern unique to their own situation.


In response to all of these factors, Admission Sense developed a program to not only provide professional guidance to the student, but to establish a relationship with the entire family. During the intake session, we meet with the family to get a sense of the bigger picture; to assess the student’s strengths, limitations, interests and goals. Also at this time, we review the student’s academic and extracurricular records, and we discuss the standardized testing options. With input from the student, parent, or guardian, we then craft a strategic plan catered to the individual needs of the student.


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In addition to helping students identify and then plan for their educational goals, Admission Sense structures its services to ensure that students have taken all of the necessary steps to position themselves wisely for the college application process.

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Whether your child is in 9th grade or 12th grade, repeating a grade or planning to pursue an advanced degree, motivated or indifferent, you will need to make some wise decisions to prepare for post-secondary opportunities. During the initial 60-90 minute planning session, your advisor will conduct an in-depth personal interview with the student and/or the parent(s). Within one week, you will receive a personalized strategic plan that makes specific recommendations regarding course selection, extracurricular activities, standardized testing pathways, summer programs, and tangible steps your child can take to create and achieve his or her goals.

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Services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client at various grade levels. Your advisor will work collaboratively with you throughout the entire process and guarantees measurable results. 

Individualized College Advising Includes:

  • Overview of the college admissions process.

  • Evaluation of student’s records, including high school schedule, transcript, extracurricular activities and special talents or limitations.

  • In depth interview of student in order to develop overall strategy for the application process.

  • Suggestions for high school course selection.  

  • Review of standardized testing options.

  •  Concrete and personalized tips and strategies for college visits.

  • Preparation for college interviews.

  • Assistance compiling an appropriate list of schools, with varying degrees of admission difficulty to which the student will apply.

  • Discussion of early application versus regular application options.

  • Support with the preparation of an activity list and/or resume, and selection of recommendation letter writers.

  • Brainstorming for essay writing, including topic development, critique and proofreading.

  • Ongoing essay support for ten or 15 college applications.

  • Structural support and deadline oversight.

  • 1 Family consultation

  • 14 - 16 one-hour (face-to- face) sessions with the student & unlimited email/text correspondence through the end of 12th grade.

  • Up to 30 hours of personalized and structured support. 

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With over 4000 colleges in the United States alone, where will you begin your search?  In our college matching program, your advisor will conduct an in-depth and personal interview to learn more about your academic and personal background as well as your hopes, interests and concerns.  Your advisor will also speak with your family to hear their impressions of your needs.  Within one week, you will be provided with a list of 15-20 colleges and/or universities that will position you for the next phase of the process: research!  How will you learn more about the schools identified on this carefully curated list?  We'll tell you! Call us to find out more...

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